Perfection Pitfalls: Teaching Self-Worth

On my desk sits a bowl of candy.  The bowl is titled, “The Grandma Candy Bowl”.  It is free to any student who chooses to come to my desk and tell me something about their day or themselves.  This week one of my students came to collect his butterscotch and I asked him, “What is … Continue reading Perfection Pitfalls: Teaching Self-Worth

Friday Reflections: Life Saving Laughter

Friday Reflections: Laughter, the Antidote to Burnout I’m going to make this week’s reflection a short one, but do not for one minute think that this topic is not important.  In fact, it is so important it is life saving.   Life is hard.  Pair that with being a teacher, and it is a whole other … Continue reading Friday Reflections: Life Saving Laughter

Friday Reflections: Schedule your Priorities

Not only are teachers wrapping up this year, but they are also knee deep in planning schedules for the upcoming year.  Scheduling may seem like a look at numbers with “blocks” and “periods” to manipulate, but really it is a practice of commitment to shared values.   Time is a finite resource that we cannot make … Continue reading Friday Reflections: Schedule your Priorities