Friday Reflections: Schedule your Priorities

Not only are teachers wrapping up this year, but they are also knee deep in planning schedules for the upcoming year.  Scheduling may seem like a look at numbers with “blocks” and “periods” to manipulate, but really it is a practice of commitment to shared values.   Time is a finite resource that we cannot make … Continue reading Friday Reflections: Schedule your Priorities

Friday Reflections: Sitting in Failure

Failure: What if we refused to run from it, but rather we sat in its discomfort?  What if we allowed ourselves to feel the sting because we know we are strong enough to survive it?  What if we allowed it to shape the image we have of ourselves because we have faith in our ability to overcome our struggles?

Endurance: Feeling Lost in What’s Next

Dedicated to the many who are questioning their next steps. Have faith. Your resilience allowed you to continually bounce back from difficulty. Your endurance will push you forward with purpose. It is the muscle within the mission. It is fed by your heart, not your mind. Lead, learn, and love no matter where your journey takes you.

Guilt vs Grace

The older I get the more I realize my biggest critic in this life has been myself.  The opposition in my life has merely been an illusion of self-inflicted doubt, judgment, and criticism.  The fact is that though many can be credited with using hurtful words against me, no other person has put me down more than the voice within my very own head.