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Constructing Community

Managing behaviors and emotions is a daunting task on top of so many other priorities for teachers to consider. So where do you start?

Perfection Pitfalls: Teaching Self-Worth

On my desk sits a bowl of candy.  The bowl is titled, “The Grandma Candy Bowl”.  It is free to any student who chooses to come to my desk and tell me something about their day or themselves.  This week one of my students came to collect his butterscotch and I asked him, “What is…

Gratuity is…

My kids remind me that gratitude is found wherever we look, whenever we look. What will choose to focus on? What brush will we use to paint the story of our lives?

Friday Reflections: Clean up on Aisle 9

Embrace your mess, and meet it head on.  Bring your broom and sweep away the fears that life will never be good again.  Peace lies below the heartache, it just needs you to remember that love flows and brings order to all things. 


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