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The F Word

A colleague of mine was wiping out an old work computer and found a video clip from years ago.   In the video, students were participating in interviews unaware that their favorite teachers were dancing in the background like fools.  As I watched this clip I was filled with a warm, familiar feeling that resonated […]

Tale of a Teacher’s Heart

There once was a young lady who could not wait to change the world.  She wanted more than anything to become a teacher.  Her dream came true, and she found herself in her very own classroom.   Excitedly, she poured every ounce of love into developing her craft.  The first years she stressed over the “big […]


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Heart pounding.  Hands sweating. Mind racing.  For many of us, this is what we conjure up when we think of fear.  A freight train of emotion that warrants an immediate and obvious response.  However, the toxic residue that lies behind fear is not always the crushing presence of adrenaline. …

Conquering Grading

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in the world of education grades are often the indicators of subjective merits.  Educators have no intention of misleading their students or families, but the slippery slope of grading can often have us handing over report cards drenched with ambiguity.  This ambiguity stems from our […]


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My name is Melanie. Sixteen years ago I began my journey in education. My passion has led me to working with kids of all abilities. I began as an inclusion facilitator for students with multiple disabilities. In years to follow I worked with kids with learning and emotional disabilities. After working to create inclusive programming for middle school students with emotional disabilities, I began a journey as an instructional coach. I hope this website will provide a shared space for learning and growing for both educators and parents.

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